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Fern Forest Eco Village (FFEV) is not just an nature lover's paradise - It offers an unforgettable experience in sustainable living! 

Tucked way in the hills of Jamaica's famous Fern Gully rainforest near Ocho Rios,   the fully off-grid property is the perfect place to rejuvenate and relax while reconnecting with nature .

The tented campsite at the highest point offers breathtaking views of the Caribbean sea  and memorable sunrise experiences, while nature trails through the fern forest provide opportunities to relax and re-energize. Bathroom facilities with showers are on the site, and there's a swing and plunge pool on the location for added enjoyment. You may even pet and take a photo with our friendly donkey Abe.  

Indoor accommodations  are available in our rustic Eco Lodge with African-inspired decor.  Each spacious room has its own entrance and exit  and  the use of upcycled accessories give a unique touch.

We offer day visits for picnics and guided tours through the Great Fern Forest.

 Fern Forest Eco Village has six offerings

  • Fern Forest Camping

  • Fern Forest Eco Lodge

  • Fern Forest Café and Art Gallery (soon to come)

  • Fern Forest Organic Farms

  • Fern Forest Fernery

  • Fern Forest Peace Park

Contact or 876 527 2772 to book your visit!

Fern Forest Eco Village is a project of the Jamaica Fern Forest Foundation

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