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Fern Forest Eco Village is located in the heart of Jamaica's world famous Fern Gully, which is believed to have over 300 varieties of ferns.  However, over the years the fern population especially along the roadway has dwindled drastically. Through our fernery we will help return Fern Gully to its former glory. We plan to propagate 365 varieties of ferns  (one for each day of the year) inside our fernery for replanting along the Fern Gully roadway. 

You can help us in this effort by subscribing to the 'Save the Ferns ! Adopt a Fern'  programme. 

Email to find out more.


Fern Forest Farms

An organic farm is now under development on the property.  We hope to be fully 'farm to table', producing all the food served at our Lodge and inside our Cafe.

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