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The Eco Lodge offers 7 spacious rustically designed rooms for nature lovers and those passionate about sustainable living. The Lodge is fully off grid, with water supply from rainwater harvesting and solar powered energy

Each spacious bedroom has its own entrance with  doors and windows opening to views of tall rainforest trees, and its own exit with a nearby nature trail.  In the early morning, you may see a few exotic tropical birds flitting from tree to tree! 

The uniquely coloured doors welcoming you to each of the upper level bedrooms were handmade on the property using neatly arranged cedar, mahogany and blue mahoe wood chips. The bathrooms are outfitted with standing tubs and a shower.

Carefully selected air cleansing plants are in each room, and you will enjoy the soothing aroma of lavender and lemongrass air fresheners made on the property which not only have a soothing effect, but also naturally keep mosquitoes and other unwanted insects away. 

The Eco Lodge makes heavy use of recycled items -  wine barrel tables, night stands made with fallen trees from the forest,  food graters as lampshades, old tyres tastefully covered with African print faabric for seating, pallet furniture and much more. . 


To book your experience in sustainable living in the heart of a tropical rainforest,  click here :

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